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I spent yesterday shopping for school shoes with my two kids. It was also one of the hottest days of the summer. Why did I torture myself that way when I could’ve been lounging in the pool with the kids and being viewed as the good mom instead of the mean mom? Because I had a coupon that was due to expire that day. Ok, ok, I know I waited until the last day but at least I didn’t waste the coupon.

Shoe shopping with a 9-year-old girl who only wants pink, pink and more pink tested every nerve I have. I couldn’t trust her to tell me the truth about how a particular pair of shoes felt because I sensed she was focusing too much on the look. It was very suspicious to me that the only shoes that fit were the ones in bright pink. Even the very same style didn’t feel good in blue or white. So, we ended up with yet another pair of bright pink shoes.

My son, on the other hand, doesn’t understand the need for new shoes at all. He wants to get the whole process of shoe shopping over with so badly that whatever pair of shoes you put on his feet are fine. Actually, the line is “They feel great, Mom, now can we go, please?”

Jack’s favorite shoes are the ones given to him by his best friend’s mom. Why does he love them so much? Because he didn’t have to shop for them. To Jack, getting clothes and shoes passed down from other kids is a dream-come-true. First, no shopping torture is involved and second, the clothes or shoes are already worn so they don’t look so new. Apparently for a boy, “new” isn’t good unless you’re talking about video games.

So, I have done the shoe shopping and can check that nightmare off my list. Gracie has another pair of pink shoes and Jack has a pair that may or may not actually fit. But at least I got the shoes at a discount!

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