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Merry Christmas

Houses today will be filled with Grandmothers, Mothers, Daughters, Mothers-in-laws, Daughter-in-laws and if we are lucky enough a few Great Grandmother’s to boot, Grandfathers, Fathers, Sons, Father-in-laws, Sons-in-laws and again if we are lucky enough a few Great Grandfather’s to boot.  We will sprinkle in some Aunts and Uncles, Cousins, Nieces and Nephews and some […]

Baby Luke is Here!

  Baby Luke made his debut on Thursday, December 14th at 6:10pm weighing in at a whopping 8 pounds 4 ounces and measuring 21 inches long.  He has dark hair and chubby little cheeks and looks amazingly like his Mommy, Kathleen, in the face.  He sports long arms, legs, fingers and toes that clearly indicate […]

Baby Maybe!

I should have known something was afoot when Matt and his wife Kathleen surprised us with an impromptu trip to the beach house in May.  They walked in the door and gave me a “mother’s day” card with Mother scratch out and Grandma written in.  This was how they told us they are expecting their […]


One of my super skills is being able to do the same thing over and over again without losing my enthusiasm.  This super skill comes in especially handy when dealing with little kids and frankly, as we found out, people with Alzheimer’s.  With my little Tan Man it has become a thing for us to […]

Riding in Style

Pick out a car seat for Tanner.  Such a simple mission in the year 2016.  Click the little picture on your computer that links you to the internet.  Type in the name of the store you have a 15% coupon code for.   Put your parameters in the search bar, make your selection, pay with your […]

Mr. Worry Wart

The birth of our grandchildren, Tanner and Annika, has set my poor husband, David, on a journey of worry.   Tanner was born via C-section and Jess developed post-eclampsia shortly after he was born.  When Jess went home from the hospital, she was back to her “I’m not a baby, I can do this myself” self.  […]

Boggie Wipes?

Back in our day as parents there was one kind of diaper and one kind of diaper wipe. Life was simple in the diaper aisle at the grocery store. All you had to know was how much your baby weighed and Voilà there was your bag of diapers. But as David and I are learning […]

Empty Nesters Again?!

David and I have spent the last five years of our life chasing my father- in-law down the rabbit hole of Alzheimer’s. We knew going in that we were just helping Mom keep Dad safe and happy for the last days of his life. We knew that this was a war that could never be […]

On Strike

Ok people, just in case you haven’t figured it out just yet, I am a card carrying OCD Wanna Be. In this little loon’s blonde’s world everything would be in perfect order. Everything would have a place to live and a tag so that when it gets lost it knows exactly where to return to. […]


The morning after Dave and I flew home from Christi’s baby shower I got a phone call.   Christi had been sent to the hospital directly from her Doctor’s office. No going home for clothes, no running to Dunkin Donut for one more delicious breakfast, just go directly to the ER. Not really sure what was […]