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Where’s your momma?

Egyptian culture is very different from US culture in so many ways but none more obvious than how they treat their children.  On our way over from the US to Jordan there was a woman traveling with a two-year-old and a little tiny baby no more than 3 or 4 months old.  The two-year-old was […]

Who likes salami?

Months before we left on our adventure to Egypt, I purchased a CD for$29.95 guaranteed to teach me the necessary phrases for a tourist in Egypt.  I figured hello and goodbye would serve me well in the pleasantry department.  Then I thought that since I am travelling with my mother-in-law, who is notorious for her […]

Kae meets King Tut

The exhibit of King Tut’s tomb was fascinating.  All the items the King would need in the afterlife had been buried with him.  Clay vessels filled with fruit, vegetables, milk, honey and beer had been left for him to nourish himself on his journey to the “paradise”.  I was impressed to see that beer was […]

Drive like an Egyptian

We started our day with a visit to the Cairo Museum of Antiquities.   Our faithful driver, Abod, was at the hotel exactly at 10am as we had requested.  The ride to the museum was entertainment in and of itself.  We all watched in fascination as the traffic on a super highway started, stopped and shifted […]

Best laid plans

The day I left for Cairo, Egypt is the day I realized what the most horrifying words in the English Language are:  Ladies and Gentlemen it appears…… We got to Nashville with time to spare.  I was worried about taking Paul (David’s father) through security since he fell last year, shattered his shoulder and had […]

David vs. the Details

There are so many things I absolutely adore about David.  He brings me coffee every morning in bed when he wakes me up.  I can’t announce that I will be doing a project around the house the next day because David will get up early to make sure he gets the project done before he […]

Counting the days

September 20th will find David and me packing our suitcases and my in-laws into the car to head for Cairo!  And I don’t mean Cairo, Illinois either, I mean Cairo, Egypt!  David (who is a closet travel agent) has spent the last 9 months painstakingly researching hotels, cruise ships, tourist sites and private guides for […]

I stink at birthdays

Every person has a super skill.  David’s is being able to walk directly to any item in any Wal-Mart in the country.  Usually he is making a Geiger counter noise and therefore people think it is his “special” skill.  Remembering birthdays is not one of my super skills.  My grandmother used to say that the […]

The Joy of Life

  One day Christi came into my office after school, slammed her backpack to the ground and declared “I am never having children!”  Christi was in 7th grade and had just been shown the “Joy of Life” video in her health class.  Being the ever sensitive mom, I laughed until my sides hurt and tears […]

Slippery when wet

Golf is my summertime passion.  Once the weather gets warmer and the chaos of tax season is over, I’m ready to turn in my bowling ball for a golf club.  This summer, 4:30 most afternoons will find me at the driving range of the Longboat Key Golf Club smacking balls as far as my little […]