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Two hands on the wheel

When the kids started driving, I was always worried they would wreck my car either by crashing into another innocent driver or by creating carnage on the interior as they rode about town slurping Slurpies and eating double decker tacos.  Today, the roles were reversed.  Since my back and hip have been being a pain […]

Here fishy, fishy, fishy

In the Allen family, I am the fisher woman.  Every summer I would head out to the fishing dock with my three kids, four fishing poles, a tackle box, four hand towels, a sharp knife and a box of frozen squid.  It is a true test of your momma skills to put your three kids […]

Where are we going?

Our family has been summering in Florida for the past 20 years.  Every June we packed our computers, printers, boxes of files, office supplies, suitcases for five, toys, blankets, pillows and three children into our Suburban and headed south with five bicycles hanging on the bike rack bringing up the rear.   The trip to the […]

Two minutes

Two minutes.  For all of you out there still in the throes of “time out,” you know exactly how long two minutes is.  On a daily basis you tend to a child in the middle of a nuclear meltdown by sitting them firmly on the “naughty” mat and setting the timer on the microwave for […]