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Houston, We Have a Bouncer

Nine days in the peace and quiet of Easter Island had me completely spoiled.  David and I got up at 5am and caught our 5 hour flight back to Santiago, Chili.  We had a 7 hour layover before we boarded our flight for Miami.  A 7 hour layover may seem horrible to some people but […]

Unlikely Hero

Since we were going to be on Easter Island for 9 days we decided to rent a car so we could explore on our own.  The rental car agent met us at our bungalow with a cute little manual transmission GMC Jimmy, the standard rental on the island.  At home, we drive a Suburban so […]

David Chasing the Sunset

You would think by now I would realize that the utterance of the most innocent phrase by my husband, David, could create some of the biggest adventures.  But no, even after 27 years of marriage, it appears that even I can still be caught off guard by David’s dog-with-a-bone mentality when he get his mind […]

Breakdown in Marital Communication

Our second night on Easter Island, David and I walked 20 minutes down to the ocean and followed the coast to Restaurant Manuia across the street from the ocean and the island’s only cemetery.   We ate a wonderful dinner and chatted with another American couple that had been on the island for several days who […]

What’s a moai?

The reason that David and I travelled through four airports spending 30 hours of our lives flying and eating airport food was to get to Easter Island, the number one item on David’s bucket list.  I know, you’re thinking we are awfully young to think about a bucket list, and we would agree if not […]

Ringo, head of bungalow security

Being a dog person, one of the hardest parts of going on vacation is not having Fred, our female goldendoodle, to love on.  When we arrived at our bungalow, Peter, the owner of HareSwiss where we are staying, introduced us to Ringo.  Ringo is a large well-muscled golden retriever mix.  Although he sports a variety […]

Wild Horses Couldn’t Keep Me Away

Our first night on Easter Island found me sitting on the porch enjoying the warm island breeze.  There was no moon and just a few stray clouds floating through the night sky.  David bought a new camera and tripod for the trip.  He was buzzing on and off the porch setting up his tripod in […]

David’s New Toy

It’s exactly one week before David and I board a plane headed south to Easter Island.  We have said for years that when we get all our children out of the house and out of college we want to travel.  We each have a list of our top ten places we want to see before […]

Nothing Better Than New Baby Smell

Matt’s friend from high school, who is now a grown up going by the name of Jonathan but who will always be known by his high school nickname Spike to me, came by the house on Friday.  He brought with him his wife, Mary Beth and their kids, Brooke, Dillon and Stella.  Brooke has grown […]

Something’s Missing

It’s two days after New Year’s and I am putting away my Christmas decorations for another year.  It’s kind of sad, no more nutcrackers holding up the antique cookbooks on the book shelf, no more golden glitter reindeer on the ledge above the TV set, no more LED lights twinkling along the garden fence. I […]