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Private Time

When my kids were small babies there were two things I quickly learned would no longer be a part of my everyday life: a good night’s sleep and private bathroom time. I said goodbye to bubble baths, taking time to style my hair, makeup requiring much more than a slash of lipstick across of my […]

Follow the Red Dot

There is one and only one little reason why I am sitting here able to write this blog today and not still walking up and down the parking lot at the mall in an effort to distinguish my car from the thousands of other ordinary-looking cars parked there. No, it’s not any kind of car-finding […]

Where’d You Leave Your Teeth?

My mother has been in a nursing home for the last month while she recovers from injuries due to a fall. My mornings consist of dropping the kids off at school and then heading over to the nursing home to care for Mom until mid-day. It’s a small nursing home with a very warm family […]

My son, the nun

My son is portraying Joshua in a living time-line of the Bible at his school. The requirements included creating a self-standing background and reciting a two-minute speech. The other requirement is that the kids must all be dressed in costumes that reflect their characters. This is not my first living time-line rodeo. I’ve been through […]

Proud to be a Monkey

Yikes, it has been a long time since I added a blog. The last month has been hectic and stressful for our family. My husband’s mother passed away suddenly and with her death came a confusing time for both of my children. For my son and daughter, this was the first time they were old […]

Achoo at the Zoo

I learned two lessons on Thursday. That was the day I was one of the parent chaperones for my son’s third grade field trip to the zoo. It was a beautiful day spent totally outdoors, capped off with a picnic lunch. I got to spend time with my dear friend who was also one of […]

The Clown Car

Before I say anything else, let me begin by making sure you understand that I love Scott. He is my soulmate, my best friend and an amazing father to our two children. He is so many wonderful things that are too numerous to list. That said, he is also a sucker. He has such a […]

Almost a cartwheel

I realize that at my age and in my physical condition, my gymnastics days are waaaaaay behind me but when Gracie challenged me to do a cartwheel in the backyard I had no doubt that I could pull off something so basic. As a teenager I was able to do cartwheels, handstands, headstands and backflips […]

Everyone needs a well-dressed mouse

Gracie is keenly aware of all things feminine. At 11-years-old, she has made it her mission to make sure the world around her is adequately adorned in pink, purple, zebra stripes, glitter and perfume. Frequently, she goes into my jewelry box to “jazz” up my boring uniform of jeans and a t-shirt. For Gracie, more […]

I live with a zebra

If you happen to pass an 11-year-old girl who looks as if she’s starting her Halloween early, it will probably be my daughter. She’s the one wearing zebra. She is all about zebra print this year. For her birthday she requested a zebra print comforter for her bed. She has a zebra print swim suit, […]

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