Big Sister Wisdom

In one week I’ll be leaving to begin a media project out of the country that’s related to my professional job as a cat behaviorist. I will be gone for a few weeks and I’ve been trying to prepare Gracie and Jack for my absence. I have hired a nanny, arranged for all kinds of fun adventures for them and we’ve had countless talks about why Mommy has to be gone.passport

Several of our discussions have ended in tears as my children sit on the bed and cling to me. I’ve tried to be a stoic mom but anyone who knows me knows I can dissolve into a puddle of tears during a Spongebob Squarepants cartoon.

Last night, after prayers, my kids were in their usual position of being tucked in my arms as they sobbed and talked about how much they’d miss me and then suddenly things changed. Gracie sat up straight and looked directly as Jack with a certain sparkle in her eyes. From previous experience, I could tell that she was having one of those nine-year-old light bulb box I watched as she scooted over to her brother and put her arms around him. My heart lifted as I anticipated the pearls of big sister wisdom that were about to pass Gracie’s lips. Instead, she reminded him that Mommy always brings presents home when she travels.

The mood in the room changed from tears of sadness to squeals of anticipation. They have even offered to help me pack.

I feel so loved.

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