Bunny Duty

The traditional arrival of the Easter Bunny was supposed to occur as usual this year. With my daughter being almost 10 years old, I suspected it might be my last opportunity to sneak around at 11pm at night to place eggs in their hiding places, but when both my kids happily went to bed at their normal time and didn’t give me any excuses, I figured this would be a relatively easy night. Gracie and Jack had other plans.

Close to midnight I tip-toed out of my room and down the hall to check on my two little sleeping angels in their beds. To my surprise, they weren’t in their rooms. I continued down the hall into the living room, where I found my kids sleeping on the two loveseats. On the table between the loveseats sat two dishes with mounds of baby carrots and a note for the Easter Bunny that said we know Santa Claus likes to drink milk but we don’t know what bunnies drink. So they left two cups of water with apologies if that was a wrong choice.

As I gently covered my kids with blankets I noticed they each had a flashlight tightly grasped in their hands. Jack’s DSI was also on the table and I suspected he was planning to use its camera to capture the evidence. They had a serious plan at catching the Easter Bunny in the act this year.

I tiptoed back into my bedroom, got Scott out of bed and told him he had to stand guard at the loveseats to ensure the children didn’t wake up as I distributed the eggs. He wasn’t happy. It had been decided long ago that mommy was in charge of bunny-related activities.

As my children enjoyed their dreams, I went around the house in the dark and ever-so-quietly placed eggs in secret hiding places.

Just as I was about to slide into bed and pat myself on the back for the stealthy work I had just done, I heard the sound of some jelly bean-filled eggs rolling along the hardwood floor in the living room. I bolted out of bed and ran down the hall to find my cat playing hockey with two pink Easter eggs. Thankfully, my kids are sound sleepers. I carried the cat back into my room and went to bed.

Being an Easter Bunny is very stressful!

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