Bye Bye Barbie

If you’ve followed my blog posts you’re probably well aware of Griffin, our dog, and his obsession with my daughter’s Barbie dolls. Well, we thought we had the situation under control and Gracie was being more careful about keeping her assortment of Barbies safety stashed out of the dog’s reach. Well, apparently that’s not the case because last night I was informed by my distraught daughter that Pet Groomer Barbie (how appropriate!) has gone missing.

Last known photo of Pet Groomer Barbie


We have searched under beds, under furniture, in closets, in the backyard, behind cabinets and anywhere else a thin plastic doll could be wedged. After Gracie went to sleep I combed the house again in search of any pieces of hands, feet, shoes or hair samples that would provide a clue as to Pet Groomer Barbie’s whereabouts.

Griffin has out-done himself this time when it comes to hiding the remains of his latest treasure. I did notice him hanging out in the corner of the backyard where we have seen mole tunnels. Perhaps Griffin and the mole have worked out a deal for getting rid of the evidence. Either way, it looks as though Barbie’s Pet Grooming salon will be closed indefinitely.

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