Cake Pop Redemption!

Never one to accept defeat, I decided to attempt my Halloween cake pop idea again for my Tuesday bowling league.  This league is my ladies league and only has 35 bowlers.  Some are diabetic so I have been trying to think of an option for dipping my sugar free cake pop for the last couple of days.

No longer trusting the white chocolate chips to melt correctly I went to Party City and bought the white chocolate discs you put in a chocolate fountain.  I have never used these before because I was worried they would taste funny but these are dire times and melting correctly has moved to top priority.

My mother-in-law was a little worried when once again I took out the bowls, brought out my frozen cake pops and began the procedure to melt the chocolate.  I can hardly blame her for being skeptical—I am the one that started a fire the last time I attempted this culinary trick.  To my immense delight, the little white chocolate discs melted down into a creamy, absolutely delicious candy coating.  I tinted the chocolate with orange food dye and in no time flat I had 38 cute little iced chocolate cake pops just waiting to get their pumpkin faces on.  Realizing that I was not putting the kitchen danger, my mother-in-law joined me in the decorating of the cute little pumpkin pops.  The final obstacle of the evening was the sugar free pops.  On Thursday, in defeat, I had purchased several bags of sugar free candies.  Now I was rummaging through them pulling out all the Hershey chocolate bars.  Finally the chocolate gods have forgiven me and have rewarded me for my new humble attitude.  The sugar-free chocolate bars melted perfectly.  I dipped my sugar-free cakes in the chocolate and gave them little pumpkin faces too.

Each of my Tuesday bowling tables were adorned with cute little pumpkin pops placed on a festive Halloween plate.  Thank goodness, my baking ego is back on an even keel.  This is way too close to the Christmas cookie baking weekend for me to go into a baking slump!

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