Celebrating in Miami

Sitting on the rooftop of our hotel in Miami, David and I clinked champagne flutes filled with our favorite beer together at precisely midnight, in celebration of the end of our 28th year of marriage.

We had spent the last two weeks in Peru on a trip through the sacred valley.  We flew into Miami, where David had booked us into a hotel with a private rooftop Jacuzzi.  We spent an entire day doing nothing but lounging in the Jacuzzi and napping on the double chase lounge.  After two weeks of climbing and hiking up and over every Inca ruin we could find, spending a couple of hours lounging in a hot bubbly tub was fantastic!2261

I would have never believed 28 years ago when I walked down the aisle of the church that I would be as happy and fulfilled as I am today.  I didn’t even know such total contentment was actually an achievable goal.  I am alternately amazed and humbled by the fact that after 28 years of marriage, David and I still adore each other.  Here we sat, going on 18 days of not talking to another person besides each other and we still had countless things to babble about.  I think David was a bit saddened by the fact that we were at the end of our vacation and when we went home he was once again going to have to share my attention with the rest of our world.

We’ve had a wonderful 28 years.  I can’t wait to see what year 29 brings to the table!!!!

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