County Fair

Scott decided to take our son, Jack, to the county fair for a day of father/son bonding. The day involved the typical things that men and boys like to do – eat food with no nutritional value whatsoever, drink lots of sugary drinks, sweat a lot, waste money on games in order to hopefully win a worthless prize and of course, spend time on rides that make everyone dizzy. Even if YOU don’t get dizzy, you are guaranteed to get sick watching someone else throw up from being dizzy. So, it was no surprise that Gracie and I passed on this opportunity.

Jack came home with so much cotton candy glued to his cheeks that I had to soften it with a warm, wet washcloth before attempting to do any scrubbing for fear of exfoliating several layers of skin. The layers of sunscreen that my husband kept applying must’ve provided a good glue-like base. Jack also had pieces of dried powdered sugar adhered to his hair that had been glued in place by cotton candy-covered hands over the course of the afternoon. Overall, Jack had a gleaming, sugary glaze covering him. I was surprised he hadn’t attracted a hive of bees during the day.

That night, Jack soaked in the tub to loosen layer upon layer of dirt-encrusted sweat, cemented cotton candy and the remnants of who knows what else he had managed to spill on himself.  He was also given a children’s Tums tablet to ease his aching, sugar-filled stomach.

While in the tub, Jack moaned endlessly about his sore tummy, complained about how hot it had been at the fair, and how sick he felt from the rides. He also griped about the crowds, the noise, the bugs and the long lines. Then, as he was stepping out of the tub and getting dried off, he turned to me and asked “Can we go back again tomorrow… please?”

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