CSI: The Barbie Files

My daughter used to have quite a Barbie collection but that was before Griffin. He is our one-year-old dog. Griffin has a thing for Barbie. Well, to be more accurate, Griffin has a thing for Barbie’s limbs.

Chef Barbie and Beauty Shop Barbie met their untimely demise when Gracie innocently left them dangling from the edge of her bed. While she was in the kitchen eating her lunch, Griffin was in her bedroom eating the hands and feet off the dolls. Fortunately, I saw the remains before my daughter and hid the evidence.

Sadly, another Barbie dismemberment has occurred. Barbie the Veterinarian was found in the hallway with her arms and legs chewed off. At first glance it looked as if Barbie the Veterinarian (who was wearing a swimsuit at the time) may have been surfing in shark-infested waters but the tooth-marks on the mangled foot just inches away from her pointed to only one suspect. Griffin the Barbie Killer had struck again.

Barbie the Veterinarian is now at peace in the trash can in my office. I know it’s not a very dignified ending but it was the quickest hiding place I could find because Gracie was headed around the corner.

The Barbie population at our house is rapidly declining. If they make Combat Barbies, I think they may be the only ones who will survive in our home.

 And where was Ken during these brutal attacks, you might ask? Apparently he was hanging out in the pink plastic storage box with a group of Malibu Barbies. Maybe we need G.I. Joe.

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