Duct Tape

My concept of duct tape was that of the silvery gray tape that solves almost all problems one may encounter in life. Even though I can’t even hammer a nail into the wall to hang a picture without doing significant damage, I am a whiz at fixing life’s mishaps with a strip of duct tape. I know I’m not alone in this and that almost the entire world has learned to appreciate the endless uses of duct tape.

I have, apparently, been living in a cave though when it comes to how duct tape has morphed into a major fashion and decorating statement over the years. Yes, I knew you could find duct tape in different colors now but I didn’t realize that there would be a reason to need polka dotted tape or animal print duct tape.

This is where my daughter comes in. Gracie discovered the seemingly endless ways to be creative with duct tape. Why hide a minor repair to something with a strip of duct tape that matches in color when you can advertise the repair by using pink zebra stripes? I was even taken aback recently when she asked if she could spend her allowance on cheetah print duct tape instead of her usual Barbie doll accessory or lip gloss request.

I’m not sure what she’s planning with the duct tape. She mentioned that she was going to use it with her Barbie doll. I hope the plan is to create some duct tape clothing and that I don’t walk into her room one day and find her Ken doll has been bound and gagged.

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