Elf power

It’s that time of year again. That time when I must channel my inner misbehaving elf, and find new and different things for our elf on the shelf to do every day. As I read all of my friends’ posts on Facebook, I see how many creative things their elves get into and I really want to do those things but there’s just one little problem… I have OCD. In theory, it sounds wonderful to have the elf write on the wall with toothpaste or spread flour all over the counter or toilet paper the entire living room but I just can’t seem to do it. OCD is just not elf-friendly.

So far, our elf has been very stealthy and my children have thoroughly enjoyed looking for him in the craziest of hiding places but I just know they’re longing to find him in the middle of the bedroom with all the socks mis-matched or on the kitchen counter, surrounded by rivers of chocolate syrup and whipped cream. In other words, it’s time for this elf to toss caution (and OCD) to the wind and get into some trouble.

Tonight is my first test. I vow that our elf is going to get messy. Keep your fingers crossed that Elf power will prevail.


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