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In the process of getting ready to my trip to Canada to film a television series, I have had to spend weeks making arrangements so ensure that my family, my house, my business, my dog and my cat will all survive my absence. The last month has been a whirlwind of activities involving interviewing for a nanny, a caregiver for my elderly mother, making lots of meals to keep in the freezer, getting my client caseload all up-to-date, and more. The last thing on the list was that I had to spend some time shopping to spruce up my wardrobe. pink shopping bags

On the second-to-last day before departure, I finally had everything caught up and arranged to have the new nanny stay with my kids so I can spend the entire day shopping. It was a great plan… until the nanny got sick. The nanny called and couldn’t make it.

I still needed to shop. It was time for emergency plans. Bribery! The kids were promised unspeakably unhealthy food, treats and rewards if they would come with me without any complaints. I explained that this shopping trip was very important and that I needed them to just tag along. Hitting the greed nerve worked beautifully. They were totally up for the trip.

This day of shopping became quite an eye-opener for me. I learned that my children have very strong opinions about fashion and are more than willing to voice them. Gracie immediately took on the role of personal shopper and started loading me up with clothes in colors and patterns that any 10-year-old fashionista would be proud to wear. Jack, took on the role of giving the male perspective by offering a thumbs-up or thumbs-down every time I emerged from the dressing room.sun dress with hat

Our day of shopping, although not the most efficient outing, became a day of laughter, surprises (I actually liked some of the clothes Gracie picked out) and lots of fun. My kids were thrilled that they had been such a help to me and their presence turned a boring event into a family memory.

Then it was time for cheeseburgers at McDonald’s and dessert at Maggie Moo’s for a job well done. I think I can actually hear my arteries clogging but it’s worth it.

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