First annual sugar cookie day

What a wonderful day!  Today I got to spend time with Matthew’s girlfriend’s, sister’s husband’s children (wow that’s a mouthful), Madison and Jordan.  Madison is 10 and Jordan is 12.  They are out of school for the Holiday break.  Matthew called me Sunday evening to ask if the girls could come to the house and make cookies on Monday.  One thing David and I never had to worry about was what to do with the kids during breaks from school.  We both worked out of the house so it was just another day for us.  I got the impression that the girls were going to have to get up early in the morning and go to work with their Dad.  Tim is a contractor so goodness only knows what “going to work with Dad” can entail.  Even though the girls may have been trying desperately to get out of the boring day ahead riding around with their Dad from jobsite to jobsite, they pushed my button asking to come and make cookies.  I love to make cookies.  I love to be in the kitchen.  This was going to be a wonderful day!

Before the girls arrived I went through my never ending “To Do” list.  Sure I did have work to do but frankly I work every day of the week and most evenings that I’m not at the bowling alley.  Since none of the work items had hard deadlines looming, I easily shifted them out of their priority spots to pencil in cookie baking with the girls.  The next set of priorities on the list were the final gift purchases for our office party the next day and the last couple little gifts to put under the tree.   Since there were definite hard deadlines attached to these items they would have to somehow get accomplished before the cookie baking could begin.   I quickly went through my list and realized it was totally doable with the girls.  One thing I had to do was get new toys for all my Grandpuppies.  In the last year I have gone from one Grandpuppy, Fuji (Christi’s dog in Arizona) to five.  Matt got Windsor earlier this year, Jess got Palmaramaroo, then Gauge, and we have to include her new boyfriend’s dog, Keegan, in the mix.  We walked out of Walmart with 8 bags of dog toys.  Okay, so maybe we went a bit overboard.

We got back to the house and I pulled out my trusty Betty Crocker cookbook.  Jordan asked me if we were going to “make” the cookie dough.  She seemed to be surprised when I said yes.  We measured out all the ingredients and watched as the stand mixer turned it into the perfect dough.   Being the ever patient person I am, I put the dough in the freezer for ten minutes instead of the fridge for an hour.  Once it was chilled, I brought out my treasure trove of cookie cutters. I actually have cookie cutters that I used with my Grandmother when I was a little girl.  I would say my youngest cookie cutter is about 25 years old.  The girls rolled out the dough and began cutting out their shapes.  I made white and blue icing to go with the green and red icing we bought at Jr’s along with some multicolored sprinkles.

When the cookies were baked (ok, slightly over baked) and cooled, the girls set to icing them.  It was wonderful to watch how creative these two are.  They made sleighs and trees and stars but the most impressive were the six inch tall gingerbread men.  They had shirts and pants and one even had a gun because he was a military gingerbread man.

I had such a wonderful time that it made me sad that I didn’t start the tradition of taking a day off work to make sugar cookies with my kids every year.  Then I realized there was no sense worrying about things past, I have lots of young ones that I can commandeer once a year for Sugar Cookie Day.  Watch out Pam, your kids are next!

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