Food Network Fallout

I’m a huge fan of the Food Network channel. Late at night I can be found sitting up in bed with eyes glued to the television. My fascination with Food Network doesn’t translate into my being an exceptional cook, however. Sad, but true. I keep trying though and my family is always supportive of my attempts at growing my culinary skills.

Over the last year I’ve been surprised to repeatedly find my 9-year-old daughter wanting to watch Food Network as well. She’ll come into the kitchen when I’m making dinner and I’ll offer to change the TV channel for her but she’ll shake her head, settle down on the stool at the counter and begin commenting on what a particular TV chef is adding to a recipe.

This wonderful mommy/daughter bonding experience may sound all warm and fuzzy but I’ve discovered it has a downside. A big one. Gracie wants to experiment in the kitchen as well.

Here are a few of Gracie’s recent creations:

Tortilla chips topped with grape jelly and a dollop of whipped cream

Carrots covered in mustard and rolled in panko bread crumbs

Cinnamon toast bread with mayo and chocolate sprinkles

I could go on but there’s no need to torture you further. You get the idea.

As a mother, I’ve proudly displayed my children’s artwork on the refrigerator, applauded their impromptu dance routines and cherished all homemade gifts. So of course, I have bravely tasted all culinary creations. I’m either a great mother or an idiot. Not sure which one. I am sure, however, that since Gracie’s last appetizer offering almost had me running to vomit in the toilet, I will be purchasing her a cookbook for children.

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