Get us to the Church on Time

After picking my daughter, Christi up from the airport we were sitting in Bar Louis having a late lunch when I got a text from Nate—“don’t forget rehearsal at the church at 5pm.”  I knew my son, Matt was in the wedding party but why would he be texting me that unless it was just a mass text.  Just to be sure I texted back, “just let me know who of my crazy crew is supposed to there and we will be there with bells on.”  It never dawned on me that we would be included in the rehearsal at the church so it was quite shocking when Nate’s response was “You, Dave and Matt are mandatory, the rest of the family is optional.”

According to Nate if we left the Linconshire resort at 4pm we could be at the church at 5pm.  We squealed into the parking lot, met Roxann’s parents as they were leaving for the Church looking quite relaxed, I must say, and burst through the door of our room at about 3:45.  At exactly 4pm on the dot I was sitting in the front seat of the suburban wearing a cute little poky-dot outfit that included a knee length black skirt (legs shaved and everything) hair laying down as best as it ever does for me, make-up in place and only slightly out of breath under the circumstances.  I do believe I set a new record in women’s coiffuring in Guinness world book of records.

Feeling like we were right on time, David, Matt and I chatted casually while Matt and I conferred with the GPSs on our phones to make sure we knew where we were going.  Both GPSs said for us to get on the interstate, so onto the interstate we went.  Just about the time we felt like we were cruising along nicely and were beginning to feel pretty good about arriving safely at 5pm we turned a curve and came to screeching halt.  For the next agonizing 10 minutes we inched along seeing nothing but miles of red tail lights ahead of us, listening to the deafening TICK TOCK TICK TOCK of the clock as it raced closer and closer to 5pm and the dreaded time that everyone in the church would look around and say “Where are Dave, Kae, and Matt? Should we start without them?”

Just about the time I thought I was going to lose my mind, I heard David mutter “That’s enough of this @#&%” (an expletive that really should not be repeated).  Just like that, he craned his neck to look back, cranked the wheel and took off down the shoulder of the road. We rode for the next I don’t know how many miles with David driving like a well-trained presidential escort, two hands on the wheel, hunched over, dodging cars attempting to block his path.  Little did I know that when I met David 29 years ago, I had met my very own personal super hero.  I have always seen myself as a strong and independent woman, but over the past 29 years, my David has had the uncanny super skill of knowing just when I need him to swoop down and save my day.  On this all important day of Nate’s wedding rehearsal, once again my personal super hero donned his cape, punched the gas and got us to the church on time.

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