Ice Cream Envy

Kae’s brain is best if not left unoccupied.  On our recent 9 hour trip to Chicago, I was relegated to the back seat so that my father-in-law could act as co-pilot.  This effectively thwarted any of David’s and my usual philosophical debates of life, liberty and the pursuits of happiness we always partake in on these long journeys north of the Mason Dixon line.  About six hours into the trip, bored to tears, I started a campaign to stop for ice cream.  Sitting in the back seat, happily eating my hot fudge sundae, I began to ponder……  As kids, adults try to bribe us to eat all of our dinner by telling us if we do we can have ice cream for dessert.  As adults, we try to bribe ourselves into NOT eating all of our dinner by telling ourselves if we don’t we can have ice cream for dessert.  Surely there is some lost work by Freud on this cream sundae

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