Jack’s glasses

My son got his first pair of eyeglasses yesterday. On the way to pick them up, Jack grilled me on all things glasses. Having worn glasses since I was child I am considered the family expert when it comes to poor vision. So Jack asked me whether he will be considered a nerd and whether I was called a nerd as a child because I wore glasses. That’s when Gracie contributed to the conversation by announcing that they didn’t have nerds back in the old days.

Once at the doctor’s office, Jack was fitted with the glasses and all seemed to be going smoothly. I was thrilled that he thought he looked “cool” and he had a very positive attitude about the whole thing. After having gone through a not-so-fun eyeglass experience with my daughter, I was relieved that Jack was handling this very maturely.

As we walked out of the office and headed toward the car, Jack stopped in the middle of the parking lot and looked at me with a huge smile. “Mommy, I love my glasses. I can really see better now,” He said. “You look so much bigger!” Gee, thanks.

Jack made it through his first day of school with his new eyeglasses. For a seven-year-old boy, I think that’s saying something. I wasn’t sure whether I’d see those glasses still neatly perched on his nose at 3pm, but when I picked him up at school he came walking out with his shiny new glasses sitting perfectly in place. He did, however, manage to lose the case.

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