Jess is getting married

It just hit me like a ton of bricks—Jess is getting married!!!

I know that I have known this for the past 7 months.  I know that I stood in the bridal shop while she tried on dresses, finally finding the perfect dress for her.  I know we went with Christi back to the same bridal shop to try on Brides Maids dresses in November.  I know that we travelled to Florida with her to taste the menu and iron out the details for the reception in December.  I know that I have a scrapbook at the ready for all of her announcements and pictures.  I know that her wedding invitation, an invitation in an etched bottle filled with sand and tiny sea shells, is sitting on my piano in the living room perched at the bottom of the frame holding her engagement picture.  I know all of these things in my cerebral brain.

wedding bells

Today Jess had her first wedding dress fitting.  This wasn’t an off the rack size 12 dress she was trying on, playing dress up in a fun bridal shop.  This was her dress.  This is the dress she is going to wear when she gets married to Chambliss next month.  This is the dress that she will wear when she effectively closes the childhood chapter of her life and opens to the first blank page of the story of her adult life.  The life where she becomes the wife and where she may even become the mom.

So just like that, on a cascade of memories of how my beautiful big brown eyed girl had wound her way from babydom to childhood to adolescence to finally being this full grown woman looking back at me from the mirror wearing the most beautiful wedding dress, my heart finally knew what my brain had known for months—Jess is getting married!


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