Kae meets King Tut

The exhibit of King Tut’s tomb was fascinating.  All the items the King would need in the afterlife had been buried with him.  Clay vessels filled with fruit, vegetables, milk, honey and beer had been left for him to nourish himself on his journey to the “paradise”.  I was impressed to see that beer was one of the essentials for a King to pass to paradise.  I reminded David that this was a necessary item and that my favorite would be Heineken.  The most amazing part was the death mask of King Tut.  I have seen it in pictures my whole life but it was so much more impressive in person.  If this was a pre-revolution time, we would have maybe gotten within 5 or 10 people peering over their heads and more specifically for me under the underpits of a crowd of sweaty tourists to catch a glance of one of the world’s most famous treasurers.  Instead we walked right up to the exhibit and spent as much time as we wanted observing this amazing site.

Later in the evening we went to the hotel’s Arabian Knights dinner.  We sat poolside in a wonderful Egyptian breeze, smelling the aroma of the wood fire where they bake their bread in the same fashion as it was baked thousands of years ago.  On David’s wish list while in Egypt was to dine on the local delicacy of stuffed pigeon.  David and his Mom both ordered the pigeon while Dad and I chickened out and had the fish and shrimp.  The pigeon was actually delicious, a little short on meat, but absolutely delicious according to the two partakers.

After dinner, we got the parents put to bed and headed down to the front desk to once again secure our wayward luggage.  We were thrilled to find out that it was indeed in Cairo.  We were set to fly to Aswan in the morning so getting the luggage was imperative.  Since we were staying in one of the swankiest hotels we have ever been in, I got the Brainy Smurf idea to ask the concierge to send someone to the airport for our bags.  It was amazing.  David and I were asked to please sit in the bar area, have a cocktail and let the hotel handle the details.  Sure enough, at 12:30 in the morning our bags rolled through the automatic doors.  I have never been so happy to see two pieces of luggage in my life.  We clinked our beer glasses and saluted to the fact that we could leave for Aswan in the morning with our travel gear fully in tow.  Now all we have to do is figure out how to navigate the Cairo airport’s domestic terminal.

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