“I seriously almost peed myself reading” — AboutaMom.com

“I never wanted to put this book down” — BzzingMom.com

“I think I literally wet my own pants a few times” — SimplyStacie.net

“Cookies for Dinner is a moving read that any new mother should fully embrace” — Midwest book Review

“It’s a welcoming breath of fresh air to any mother, new soon-to-be or experienced” — MamaMonologues.com

“Hysterically funny…right up there with David Sedaris and Erma Bombeck” — Amazon.com Reviewer

“Hysterical!” — Amazon.com Reviewer

“You will not want to put this book down just to find out what the next mommy experience will be” — Amazon.com Reviewer

“So much better than any other book about motherhood that I’ve read” — SocialMediaJunkie.com

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Pam and Kae’s book signing event at the Southern Festival of Books

Pam and Kae’s recent book signing event at Barnes & Noble