Mommy the Chicken

Our backyard pool is open and the kids have been in it almost every day for the last month. Mommy, however, has only braved the frigid water once and that was as a response to a challenge from my children to prove that I wasn’t a coward. I fulfilled the basics of the promise by jumping totally into the water, swimming for two minutes and then bolting out to the comfort of a dry towel warmed by the heat of the sun.

So as I sit here on the deck watching my children splash in the pool with their lips turning blue, I try to recall back to my own childhood at the beach when I would insist on being in the water despite blue lips, goose bumps and periodic shivering. I love that my kids want to pack in as much summer fun as possible into their time off from school. I’ve gotten used to the high-pitched squeals as they face the chilly water for the first time each day and how they have to summon up their courage to head back into the pool after sitting in the warm sun on the deck to eat their lunches. I love looking at life through the eyes of my children.

I also love the fact that as I sit on the deck watching my children I am also searching the internet for any specials on pool solar covers. Being an adult has its benefits – I have a credit card. I don’t look good with blue lips.

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