My Mommy Mii

The other day my children showed me a “Mii” they had created for me on their Wii. For those of you who are as clueless as I am, a Mii is a personalized character that you can create when playing the Wii games.

My children had created their own and they looked adorable. The Mommy Mii, however, left me feeling a strong need to visit the gym, the hairdresser and maybe even a plastic surgeon.

With all the selections you can make when creating a Mii (eyes, eyebrows, eye color, hairstyle, etc.), my Mii looked as if she had never used a drop of sunscreen and had the wrinkled face to prove it. My personalized Mii also had eyes that looked as if they belonged on a rabbit instead of a human — so big and very far apart. Actually, in thinking about it, I guess the eye position is a reflection of how my children think I can see everything they’re doing even if I never turn my head in their direction. If there was an option on the Wii to create a Mii with an eye on the back of her head I supposed my kids would’ve chosen that one.

My Mii hairstyle? Well, the best description is zigzag. My Mii looked as if her hair was styled with a chainsaw.

One of the unfortunate options available when creating a Mii is the ability to change the body size. If you’re thin as a string bean that option is great but when you’re a mommy whose bikini days are behind her, that option isn’t pretty, especially when your children are the ones in control.

So as I look at my Mii as created by my children, I get a glimpse into how they view me: a chunky rabbit-eyed women with zigzag hair, eyebrows that have never seen a tweezer, wrinkles, a nose that seemed to have missed landing in the center of her face and a pair of glasses that must’ve belonged to someone’s grandfather. There was one thing they did put on my Mii that made it all worthwhile though… a big smile.

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