My son, the nun

My son is portraying Joshua in a living time-line of the Bible at his school. The requirements included creating a self-standing background and reciting a two-minute speech. The other requirement is that the kids must all be dressed in costumes that reflect their characters.

This is not my first living time-line rodeo. I’ve been through this with my daughter. I’ve also seen how much money and time other parents put into their kids’ costumes. I’m cheap.  I also knew that my kid would only be wearing this costume for a few hours on the day he must do his presentation and, heck, it’s your basic Bible attire so what are we talking about here? Big long drape-type material belted in the middle? Surely I could make that, right?

Ok, the problem is that I don’t sew. I mean, I REALLY don’t sew… not even a loose button. I was determined though that a minor little set-back like that wouldn’t get me down. So off to the discount store I went in order to purchase some material. My son is very short so I figured it wouldn’t take much. While at the store, I also discovered something that no one had ever told me about… fabric glue! How long have other mothers known about that little secret and yet no one let me in on it? I may not be be able to sew but I can surely glue, right?

Once home, I stretched out the material on the floor, folded it in half and had Jack lay on it. I then traced his outline with room to spare. After cutting the fabric, I took out my new best friend, the fabric glue, and glued up the sides. I took the leftover fabric and made the headpiece. Working my glue like a champ, I created a fitted headpiece that Jack would easily be able to slip on his head.

With the glue dry, it was time for the big reveal. I slipped the costume on him, and although he complained about the glued seams being stiff, the fit was great. Then it was time for the headpiece. I slipped it in on his head.

I stood back to admire my work and saw that instead of making my son look like Joshua, the man who had led the battle into Jericho, he looked more like a nun.

The downside of using fabric glue is that you can’t tear out seams and start again. Since I was sure Jack didn’t want to look like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music, I tossed out the headpiece and put a plain piece of fabric on his head and secured it with a piece of twine.

Lesson learned: don’t get too cocky with the fabric glue.

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