Nate started it

Being the mother of three children, I spent a lot of my time pretending to be a detective.  After a child-on-child altercation took place, the requisite “So-in-So started it” would be hurled into the air.  Then it would be my job to determine if this was true or if “so-in-so” was getting hung out to dry by his/her oh so loving sibs. So, I would line my three little ducklets up and ask “ok, who started it?”  I would watch for body language clues of guilt.  I would check each child for their particular “tell” when lying.  I’d like to think that my wonderful skills honed at the knee of Sherlock Holmes novels made sure that I always got to the bottom of each and every childhood squabble but reality tells me that an innocent party probably spent some quiet time sitting on the edge of his/her bed contemplating revenge on their sibs instead of what they had done wrong.  If you think I feel bad about this punishment of the wrong child, don’t fool yourself.  I figure it all worked out in the wash.  I’m pretty confident that the few times my little darlings got in trouble when they didn’t “start it” made up for the times they didn’t get in trouble when they did “start it”.  Not a lick of guilt on this Mom’s part.

Last Halloween my nephew, Nate proposed to Roxann.  Little did I know, but this significant life event for Nate and Roxann would have wide spread repercussions through the Allen household.  In the last 12 months the Allen house has been inundated with a rash of engagements and weddings.  Nate and Roxann we engaged last Halloween and married this August.  Christi and Kenny were engaged in June.  Wayne and Rhonda were married in July.  Jess and Chambliss were engaged in August.  Jess and Chambliss have set their wedding date for April 2013 while Christi and Kenny have opted for October of 2013.

And I can say with 100% confidence… Nate Started It.

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