On Strike

Ok people, just in case you haven’t figured it out just yet, I am a card carrying OCD Wanna Be. In this little loon’s blonde’s world everything would be in perfect order. Everything would have a place to live and a tag so that when it gets lost it knows exactly where to return to. The inside of my mind is a frightening vortex of activity. It’s open 24/7 and there is never a dull moment as it chases its endless list of things that need attention. For as long as I can remember, my brain has thrived on creating order out of chaos (hence my passion for 2000 piece puzzles as a way to relax). Yes, I am the person in the store hanging up wayward garments that have abandoned their hangers. As I stroll down the grocery aisle I have been known to unconsciously reach out and turn labels so that they all face the same direction and straighten boxes so the edges match.   I have learned not to spend too much time in my closet or my clothes somehow magically become color coded and on more than one occasion a long telephone conversation has ended in my bookshelves being alphabetizing first by author then sub-alphabetized by title. Now don’t get confused, this is not a conscious thing and if and when I catch myself doing it I instantly chastise the little neat freak that lives in my head. Sometimes I will intentionally go back and put whatever it is that I have organized back to its original position, thus proving to the little control freak that the world will continue to spin on its axis no matter which direction the green bean’s label is facing. The reason I am a Wanna Be and not an official card carrying member of the Order out of Chaos Department is that I just don’t have the physical stamina to keep up. My brain may be the over achieving task master but my body is like a cart mule. It is a daily struggle, the little neat freak pulling as hard as it can on the rope around the mule’s neck who is sitting down in the middle of a dirt road refusing to take one more step until it has eaten a carrot and had a nap.

The holidays are particularly exciting for my OCD Wanna Be gene. I spend countless hours decorating the house, making my gift lists, baking cookies, making candies, making doggie treats for my grand puppies, planning the holiday meals, shopping for gifts and wrapping them all up in glittery paper. I may always be the woman running into Fedex at closing time on the last day possible to mail out a package for Christmas arrival but I get it done in a whirlwind of satisfying efficiency.

But this year something has happened. The little neat freak, who has been responsible for working overtime corralling the chaos that is my life and tirelessly playing tug of war with the mule has absolutely gone on strike. It doesn’t seem to care that the days are ticking off the calendar at a rapid rate of speed. It doesn’t seem to be the least bit concerned that the little mental file that I keep with everyone’s favorite colors, sizes and most importantly little tidbits of information dropped throughout the year regarding things each person may enjoy as a gift has been misplaced. It doesn’t seem the least bit distressed that TODAY is the last day to get packages in the mail for on-time delivery and all we have is a pile of presents in need of sorting and wrapping and not a single doggie treat has been baked.

Elf on Strike

I actually have no idea what is going on in this crazy blonde’s brain but hopefully the little neat freak will be back on the job by the New Year otherwise 2016 may turn out to be a very interesting year in this OCD Wanna Be’s world.

Happy Holidays Everyone!


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