Playing Hooky

Walking through the doors of a Hobby Lobby without a plan of attack is generally a really bad idea for me.  All I had for inspiration when I walked in was “something with sunset colors”.  When I am unsure the direction a project should go, I tend to just wander around a store looking at all the colors and textures until finally an inspiration hits me. I had been wandering around in Hobby Lobby for about an hour and so far my only connection had been with a little silver hook straight to the forehead when I bent over to look at a caged lantern.  Blood was drawn, curses were uttered, it wasn’t graceful or pretty.

Christi was getting married in Moab in October.  Florists are tough to find in the little town of 3500 people, so we decided we could just do it ourselves.  The reception was going to be on a bluff overlooking the city of Moab.  We decided silk flowers were more practical than live since the temperature could take a 20 degree swing and leave all our centerpieces wilted.  The wind on the bluff is touchy too.  One minute you have a gentle breeze, the next a gale force wind.  With this in mind we decided that flameless candles would keep Mom from running around the reception with a bic lighter playing candle monitor.

After an hour or so I had begun to pick up flowers and put them tentatively in the cart.  I really needed Christi to be here.  This was her reception, her wedding, I wanted her to have what she wanted not what I picked up after an hour or so of shopping.  Time was of the essence and I could hear the clock ticking in the back of my mind.  We had scant few days to get a plan, purchase the components and put it all together before I had to get back on the plane to Tampa.

Just about the time I was beginning to get distressed my cell phone rang.  Christi had come down with a cold and was sent home from work by her supervisor.  She decided she felt good enough to swing by the Hobby Lobby so we could continue looking for flowers together.  As she walked in the door, looking a little punky but clearly happy to see me I was reminded of the day I had to pick her up from preschool because she had broken out in hives.  There she stood with her little running nose and red rimmed eyes, covered in goose sized welts but the minute she saw me her little blue eyes began to twinkle with delight.  No matter how old she gets, she will always be my favorite blue eyed girl who lights up when she gets to spend time with her mommy.  Even if it does mean playing hooky from preschool or now that she’s an adult, work.

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