Santa’s Money

For Gracie, this has been the year of American Girl. She received an American Girl doll for Christmas last year and we also took a trip to the American Girl store in Atlanta this past summer. Big mistake!

Gracie loves reading the American Girl books and even knows when the AG catalog is due to arrive in the mail. She’s hooked.

As is usually the case, the passing of Halloween marks the annual Bennett children Christmas list compilation time. In the next few weeks their lists will go through many transitions as they try to compile the perfect line-up of gifts they’re hoping to receive from Santa.

Jack’s list is as chaotic and disorganized as he is. He wants a little of everything and his list is usually written on legal paper. By Christmas morning he will have forgotten half of the things on the list so it’s a safe bet that he’ll never be disappointed when he tears into his gifts.

Gracie, on the other hand, is meticulous and precise. Her list is a perfect reflection of her personality. I’m surprised she doesn’t alphabetize her list. Of course, if she did, it would be very easy this year because everything would start with “A” since all gifts are from American Girl.

She handed me her completed list yesterday and I noticed there were at least three AG dolls on it. Those dolls go for about $100 each. She also had a car on the list – the car she saw in the AG store in Atlanta. Retail price? Somewhere around $350.

When I mentioned to her that her list was overpriced she explained that it didn’t matter because Santa could make the toys. I told her that Santa had to pay for the Elves’ time and for materials. Her response was that Santa could also make the money to pay for whatever he needed. Santa could do anything. Unfortunately for Gracie, she’s going to find out this Christmas that even Santa is no match for American Girl.

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