Sleeping Triple in a Single Bed

Before I met David I made a wish upon a falling star.  Please let me find a man that would adore me.  Sometimes I think I should have put a few qualifiers on that wish.  We are spending a few weeks in Florida at my in-laws condo.

The first week, our niece Stephie, who just graduated from high school and will be heading off to college in the fall, is also staying with us.  The first night it was decided that Stephie and I would share the spare bedroom with its two single beds (being that we were the two girls) and that David and our female golden doodle dog, Fred, would sleep in the family room on the sofa.    So after a rousing game of Rummy it was off to bed we went.  I was snoozing along happy as little clam stretched out in my little single bed until about 3am. Then I heard the door creak open.  Once a Mom, always a Mom, I opened one eye to check to see if Stephie was okay.  This is when I saw the darkened figure of my husband as he made his way to my side of the room and clamored under the covers of my bed saying he was lonely, followed by the unmistakable jingling of Fred’s tag as she jumped up on the end of my bed, curling her less than tiny body around my feet.  So that’s the way the rest of the week turned out.  David, Fred and I sleeping in one single bed and Stephie fighting to keep Fred out of her bed when she got pushed off the end of our bed.  On the bright side, I would say that if Stephie can survive a week sharing a tiny spare bedroom with two grown humans and a giant hairy dog then she’ll do just fine in a college dorm room with just one other teenage girl!

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