Slick as Slate

For my nephew’s Nate’s wedding I decided to buy the first pair of high heels I have bought since Jessica was 3 years old and I had my first bought with back trouble (that would be 20 years ago if anyone wants to parse out the mathematics).   I purchased a pair of cute black wedges with a ribbon adornment that created a peek a boo toe.  Knowing full well that walking in heels and riding a bicycle having nothing to do with one another, I practiced walking in these things at night in my bedroom until I was content that I didn’t look like a linebacker for the Tennessee Titans or as my dear friend so eloquently stated “a toddler with a full diaper.”

This wardrobe decision was made when I thought David and I were going to just sit through the wedding, take a few casual pictures with my wonderful nephew and his amazing new bride, then whisk back to the resort, where I would immediately don my more appropriate footwear (a nice fancy black flat dress sandal) for the reception.  But oh, the best laid plans of mice and men.  David and I found out at the rehearsal that we were “IN” the wedding party!  “WHAT!” my brain screamed.  David and I were the first people in the wedding party to walk down the aisle.

Nate and Roxann

The night of the rehearsal dinner, Nate introduced his family to everyone.  He started out by telling everyone that while they may only have two parents, he was lucky enough to have six.  He introduced his Dad, David and Step-Mom, Karey; His Step-Dad, Wayne and Rhonda; and his Aunt/Mom, Kae and David.  When Nate’s Mom, Jan passed away his sophomore year in college it seemed so natural for me to just scoop up this little ducklet and bring him into my crazy brood.  He was such a wonderful addition to my family.  Over a short amount of time it seemed that my kids just somehow went from being referred to as “Matt and the girls” to “the boys and the girls”.

The wedding was in a beautiful old stone chapel that was built in the mid-1800s.  The walls were made of stone, the alter area a gorgeous carved mahogany, the floor a dark slate.  David and I turned the corner and I saw all of the well-wishers for Nate and Roxann anxiously awaiting the festivities.  I guess I should have been nervous about walking down this long aisle potentially with my dress caught up in the back of my underwear.  I guess I should have been nervous that there was more than a 50% chance David’s fly was riding at half-mast.  But to tell the truth my gloriously high heels were floating on cloud nine.  I didn’t even realize that aisle was as slick as slate.  I was Nate’s Aunt/Mom!

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