Standing at the Ready

In 2015 I was the lucky recipient of two happy healthy little grandbabies, Tanner and Annika.  When they were first born I would very contentedly get up in the middle of the night for their feedings.   Nothing could compare to sitting in the dark cuddling those little babies, breathing in their heady “new” human smell.  They were like valium for my soul.  One year into the Grandma game I find myself completely thrilled to spend my day walking around behind Tanner while he explores the world around him with my hands hovering just inches from his precious little body just in case I may need to catch him before he falls.    I live for the moment when I get see my little Annika Baby’s face again.  Each visit, picture and video more precious than the last.


Ok, Loon Wathcers, if you’ve read “Cookies for Dinner” and “Panic Early Panic Often” you already know I have an opinion about everything and can’t wait to share my stories of being the “perfect, imperfect mother”.  So, about the only difficult part about being a grandma is knowing when to keep my mouth shut.  Oh, sure, I have 33 years of experience raising children.  Oh sure, I have gone through all the stages of Mommyhood and come out the other side somewhat bruised but by no means beaten.  I ache to share my experiences with the younger ones just starting out to save them from some of the bumps and bruises acquired in the game of Mommyhood.   But alas, this is where my “Mommy” monster runs to the front of my brain and reminds me “you have already raised your kids.  Now it is their turn.”

So this grandma sits and watches with absolute adoration for her two amazing girls as they deftly handle the day to day raising of their little ones all the while juggling the demands of their jobs, their husbands and their homes.  I just hope they know that this Momma is standing at the ready.  I am completely content following them around with my hands hovering protectively at their backs, just in case they may need me to catch them if they fall.

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