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Education in Cusco

Knowing that I love to cook, David signed us up for a  private cooking class with a local chef in Cusco.  It was a marvelous afternoon.  Chef Richard took us to the local market which was a huge warehouse filled to the brim with fruit, meat, bread, cheese and any other various food items you […]

Come to my kitchen

Dave and I left the sanctuary of our resort to wander down the main road in Urubamba in search of a well-reviewed restaurant called 3 Keros.  David’s internet research indicated that it was “just across the street” from our hotel.  Walking out the front gate we looked across the street only to find a refueling […]

Food Network Fallout

I’m a huge fan of the Food Network channel. Late at night I can be found sitting up in bed with eyes glued to the television. My fascination with Food Network doesn’t translate into my being an exceptional cook, however. Sad, but true. I keep trying though and my family is always supportive of my […]

Cookie-baking Weekend

The first weekend in December finds me trading in my computer and calculator for my stand mixer and double ovens.  20 years ago I got the bright idea that it would be fun to bake homemade cookies for all of my clients.  Since I only had about five clients and a ton of extra time […]