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Playing Hooky

Walking through the doors of a Hobby Lobby without a plan of attack is generally a really bad idea for me.  All I had for inspiration when I walked in was “something with sunset colors”.  When I am unsure the direction a project should go, I tend to just wander around a store looking at […]

Cue the Dolphin

For years David and I have toyed with the idea of having a summer home in Florida where the kids can come visit and our future grandchildren can frolic away their summer days swimming in the pool and building sandcastles on the beach. This summer we stumbled across the most amazing place.  Who would have […]

Celebrating in Miami

Sitting on the rooftop of our hotel in Miami, David and I clinked champagne flutes filled with our favorite beer together at precisely midnight, in celebration of the end of our 28th year of marriage. We had spent the last two weeks in Peru on a trip through the sacred valley.  We flew into Miami, […]

Education in Cusco

Knowing that I love to cook, David signed us up for a  private cooking class with a local chef in Cusco.  It was a marvelous afternoon.  Chef Richard took us to the local market which was a huge warehouse filled to the brim with fruit, meat, bread, cheese and any other various food items you […]

Mrs. Doolittle

Yes, I am allergic to animals.  Yes, I am especially allergic to wool, whether still on the beast or presented as a brightly colored alpaca scarf.  I did my best at the Pisac market to have Dave handle all the alpaca scarves and sweaters we purchased for our family but men really don’t have the […]

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Pisac is a wonderful rural town in the Sacred Valley of Peru.  The big draw for Pisac is the Pisac Market.  At the crack of dawn every morning local people come into the town square and put up their vendor stalls packed with all things Peruvian.  Every evening when the sun goes down those same […]

On Top of the World

One spectacular 2-hour train ride through the Andean mountains beside the rushing water of the Urubamba River, one harrowing 25-minute bus ride up the switch back dirt and cobble stone road and finally we arrived at Machu Picchu. Turning the corner from the entrance I was instantly in love with this wondrous place nestled between […]

Superman’s Kryptonite

There are several hikes you can take from the ruins at Machu Picchu.  David, my ever vigilant trip researcher, looked at all of these hikes and decided that most of them were way over our heads as travel warriors.  So we picked the easiest option, hike to the Sun Gate.  This is actually the last […]

Parades, Trumpets and Pee-ers, oh my!

We left our hotel in Urubamba narrowly escaping a giant parade.  It seems what we thought was a large parade at the square the day before, was only one small part of the real parade.  Our guide for the day, Juan Carlos, explained to us that the parade was made up of many villages that […]

Is that a Gorilla?

Dave and I do tend to wander around like the “village idiots” but sometimes this technique in travelling leads to spectacular adventures.   In Urubamba we headed down what would be the width of an alley in the US but was considered a road here.  The buildings were colorfully decorated and in various states of disrepair.  […]