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My son, the nun

My son is portraying Joshua in a living time-line of the Bible at his school. The requirements included creating a self-standing background and reciting a two-minute speech. The other requirement is that the kids must all be dressed in costumes that reflect their characters. This is not my first living time-line rodeo. I’ve been through […]

Playing Hooky

Walking through the doors of a Hobby Lobby without a plan of attack is generally a really bad idea for me.  All I had for inspiration when I walked in was “something with sunset colors”.  When I am unsure the direction a project should go, I tend to just wander around a store looking at […]

Proud to be a Monkey

Yikes, it has been a long time since I added a blog. The last month has been hectic and stressful for our family. My husband’s mother passed away suddenly and with her death came a confusing time for both of my children. For my son and daughter, this was the first time they were old […]

Achoo at the Zoo

I learned two lessons on Thursday. That was the day I was one of the parent chaperones for my son’s third grade field trip to the zoo. It was a beautiful day spent totally outdoors, capped off with a picnic lunch. I got to spend time with my dear friend who was also one of […]

That woman

Being sick when you’re a mother is an impossible task. Those of us who are moms know that no matter how rumbly the tummy, how sore the throat or how high the fever, we carry on. We bathe the kids, help with homework, make the dinner, drive the kids to school, do the laundry and […]

The Magic Purse

When my children were very little, I was saddled with both a diaper bag and a purse. As with all the other moms on the planet, travel, even if it was merely to the corner grocery store, was never a quick and easy trip. Lots of planning and packing were required to increase the odds […]

Saxophone Lessons

Without any warning, my daughter came up to me about a month ago and asked if she could take saxophone lessons. Gracie, the most girly-girl child on the planet, wants to play the sax. This completely took me by surprise because I would’ve assumed she would go for the flute or maybe even stretch the […]

Mommy the Chicken

Our backyard pool is open and the kids have been in it almost every day for the last month. Mommy, however, has only braved the frigid water once and that was as a response to a challenge from my children to prove that I wasn’t a coward. I fulfilled the basics of the promise by […]

The Two Loons Hit the Virtual Road

Hey loon watchers! We’ve been on a blog tour and we love it. For once, we don’t have worry about what to pack or getting to the airport on time. If you’d like to see where we’ve been and what we’ve been up to, check out some of our stops.  “Will the Real June Cleaver […]

Houston, we have a weeper

On April 21st, I watched quietly while small tears leaked from my eyes, as my husband gave our youngest daughter Jess away to Chambliss, not with a kiss on the cheek but with an exploding tater hand bump complete with sound effects by Jess. I stood by the dance floor and watched as David and […]