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Better than dandelions

Children collect things and often the things they collect, depending on their age, can range from cute to creepy. My son, at the age of seven, became fascinated with creating a rubber bug collection. The orange and bright blue bugs didn’t bother me at all when I found them in his bed but the brown […]

Elf power

It’s that time of year again. That time when I must channel my inner misbehaving elf, and find new and different things for our elf on the shelf to do every day. As I read all of my friends’ posts on Facebook, I see how many creative things their elves get into and I really […]

The Good Wife

Being the OCD mother that I am, I’m well-prepared for cold and flu season. I am stocked with tissues, cough medicine, vitamin C, lots of fresh batteries for the temporal thermometer and vaporizer and all the TLC my kids will require. We’ve had our flu shots and I’ve trained my children in the fine art […]

I really hate shopping

If you have gotten to know me, you know that I am a self-proclaimed OCD wanna be.  My brain would be delighted if all things in life could be organized into tidy little packages all wrapped with a beautiful bow but unfortunately I just don’t have the emotional or physical stamina to actually pull it […]

Kids, cats and confusion

For the last 25 years I’ve had a successful career in the field of cat behavior consulting. I am very fortunate, after all these years, to be considered a well-respected expert. I’ve worked hard in this profession and am very well-known in the field. So it’s very common for someone to come up to me […]

The yard sale

I have a love/hate relationship with hosting yard sales. They require a tremendous amount of work, your plans can be ruined by weather and you never really understand the whole pricing/haggling thing… at least I don’t. Although I’ve never gone to a yard sale myself I know there’s a sport to finding that treasure amidst […]