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Playing Hooky

Walking through the doors of a Hobby Lobby without a plan of attack is generally a really bad idea for me.  All I had for inspiration when I walked in was “something with sunset colors”.  When I am unsure the direction a project should go, I tend to just wander around a store looking at […]

The Clown Car

Before I say anything else, let me begin by making sure you understand that I love Scott. He is my soulmate, my best friend and an amazing father to our two children. He is so many wonderful things that are too numerous to list. That said, he is also a sucker. He has such a […]

Mrs. Doolittle

Yes, I am allergic to animals.  Yes, I am especially allergic to wool, whether still on the beast or presented as a brightly colored alpaca scarf.  I did my best at the Pisac market to have Dave handle all the alpaca scarves and sweaters we purchased for our family but men really don’t have the […]

I live with a zebra

If you happen to pass an 11-year-old girl who looks as if she’s starting her Halloween early, it will probably be my daughter. She’s the one wearing zebra. She is all about zebra print this year. For her birthday she requested a zebra print comforter for her bed. She has a zebra print swim suit, […]

The Magic Purse

When my children were very little, I was saddled with both a diaper bag and a purse. As with all the other moms on the planet, travel, even if it was merely to the corner grocery store, was never a quick and easy trip. Lots of planning and packing were required to increase the odds […]

Jess is getting married

It just hit me like a ton of bricks—Jess is getting married!!! I know that I have known this for the past 7 months.  I know that I stood in the bridal shop while she tried on dresses, finally finding the perfect dress for her.  I know we went with Christi back to the same […]

Don’t fight in your underwear

Yesterday morning I spent a couple of hours doing some clothes shopping because filming is set to begin on the Discovery Channel series again in a little over a week. The majority of the wardrobe is already supplied for me but there were just a few extra pieces I wanted. For me, shopping is such […]

American Girl

This past weekend I had to be in Atlanta as a special guest at an annual animal welfare fundraiser. I decided to bring Gracie along so we could have a special “girls” weekend. I made plans to take her to the American Girl store there so we could have lunch at their bistro and buy […]

Fashion Consultants

In the process of getting ready to my trip to Canada to film a television series, I have had to spend weeks making arrangements so ensure that my family, my house, my business, my dog and my cat will all survive my absence. The last month has been a whirlwind of activities involving interviewing for […]

Cellulite My Rear End

Standing in the dressing room at Marshall’s the other day I tried on the cutest little top.  Looking into the dressing room mirror I was horrified to see that the stark florescent lights illuminated a small patch of dimpled skin on both of my biceps.   Years ago, I decided to accept gracefully the cellulite that […]