The Two Loons are partying… Ultimate Blog Party

Ultimate Blog Party 2013

We’re breaking out the champagne (actually, it’s sparkling white grape juice), getting dressed in our finest party dresses (actually, just our best pajamas) and slipping into those dangerously sexy stiletto heels (ok, ok, fuzzy slippers) and attending our very first blog party! First we had to figure out just what the heck a blog party was but once we got educated we were ready for fun. The only problem is that a blog party is very similar to what we do for work during the day — sitting in front of a computer. But Pam and Kae are not party poopers so we’re diving right into the new high-tech way that mommy bloggers go wild without ever leaving the house and still get the clothes into the washer, the kids fed and bathed, check homework and put dirty dishes in the dishwasher… but we’re still going to do our hair, put on some lipstick and wear our best pajamas — the ones we only wear for those sleepy-eyed pictures on Christmas morning. Let’s get this party started!The Bird

Who are the Two Loons? As new guests to the blog party we should use our manners and properly introduce ourselves. We’re two friends who for some insane reason, thought it would be a good idea to publicly humiliate ourselves by writing a book about our most embarrassing motherhood moments. Our book, Cookies For Dinner, was written with the intent of helping other moms feel as if they weren’t alone on this wild ride.Cookies for Dinner

As you enter into motherhood you have dreams of holding your precious baby in your arms. No one tells you that your breasts will be treated like a fast food take-out window or that a ravenous infant can create more suction than industrial-grade vacuum cleaners. And what about potty training? Other books give all kinds of “perfect” advice but the truth is that jumping off the cliff into potty training makes you realize you didn’t truly appreciate those diaper years. Once you begin potty training, a toddler’s bottom is just a loaded gun, ready to fire in whatever direction it happens to be pointing. But perhaps our take on motherhood is a little askew… but what do you expect from one mom who went into labor with her first child four months after her soon-to-be ex-husband moved out to live with his girlfriend and precisely the morning that she was having her house tented for ticks… yes, ticks. The other Loon became a mother through adoption at the age of 47, which also happened to be the time she went through menopause and was fighting the hormonal war by opening and closing every window in the house every two minutes while crying over cereal commercials.Chicken Pox Island

Ahh yes, motherhood. It’s messy, gross, joyful, emotional, smelly, funny, frustrating, exhausting, uplifting, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

To read more from the Two Loons, check out our book Cookies For Dinner. It’s available through online retailers such as Amazon, as well as at your favorite local bookstore and here at our website.

Cookies for Dinner





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