What a weeper

Ask any one of my kids and they will tell you one of my favorite mantras is “if I had feelings they would be hurt, but since I don’t, it’s all good.”  How was I to know all those years ago that by the mere act of procreation I would be setting myself up to become a weeper.  Yep, me of little feelings has been seen weeping at the passing of my kids’ life events.  I wept when each of the kids went to Kindergarten leaving behind the carefree years of babydom.  I wept when each one of the kids graduated from high school, leaving behind the carefree years of childhood.   I cried like a baby when each one of my kids went to college, leaving me behind.  I wept when each one of the kids graduated from college, officially leaving their childhood behind and boldly crossing over into their adult lives.

My two girls are getting married next year and shopping for THE perfect wedding dress was number one on the agenda.  No amount of Mommy tough talk prepared me for the moment the sales woman whisked the curtain back revealing my little girls standing there suddenly all grown up in THE dress of their lifetime.  In one fail swoop, my little girls flew from being my little girls into full-fledged womanhood, and you better believe, this Mommy wept.

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