When mommy’s sick she’s on her own

“Mommy, I need juice.”

“Mommy, I need more tissues.”

“Mommy, can you read to me?”

“Mommy, I’m gonna throw up.”

“Mommy, I threw up in bed.”

Ahhh, yes, the ongoing sweet sounds of having two children who are home sick at the same time. You just get one settled down and the other starts up. It’s an ongoing merry-go-round of retrieving snot-filled tissues from under the covers, holding one child and then the other as they puke every half hour, refilling juice, reading stories, rubbing tummies, cleaning up surprise puke attacks, stroking foreheads, finding a specific toy and reassuring each child that no, they are not vomiting up their entire intestines.

So after days of being nurse, storyteller, housekeeper and cheerleader, I start to see signs of recovery. Thanks to modern medicine, time and mommy’s ever-present TLC, my kids have beaten whatever bug had snatched hold of their precious bodies over the last few days. They are engaging in fewer cough and puke competitions and are spending more time upright in front of the television.

A few hours ago I started feeling congested, achy and my stomach started making very suspicious noises. Feeling dizzy and chilled, I tucked myself into bed. I called out to my children to please bring me a glass of water and the bottle of aspirin.  “We can’t,” replied my daughter. “You might puke on us.”

Apparently, TLC is a one-way street when vomit is involved.

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