Where’s the spellcheck?

Holy Cannolis Batman.  Kae here. Just about the time I start feeling like I’m all hip and happening something comes along to remind me that I am techno-challenged.  I was really impressed with myself.  I was using a debit card on a regular basis, paying my bills online, e-mailing and adding computers to my network at work like it was my job.  Then comes Cookies for Dinner and this loon once again is thrown completely out of her techno depth.   Suddenly, I am supposed to set up a Facebook page and invite my “friends” to “like” the Two Loons and a Book Facebook page.  Yeah, I am a college grad and I do understand all the individual words but when they are put together in this context, I don’t have a clue what we are talking about.   I spent hours stressing over what to write, who sees what I write, how to comment or whether it is appropriate to comment on someone’s post.  Being me, I am stressed to the max trying to figure out the proper etiquette for Facebook.   Matt, Christi, and Jess keep telling me there are no rules.  You’re not supposed to worry about grammar or punctuation.  Just say what’s on your mind.   I have earned several “Mom, you’re ridiculous” from Jess and I make her read what I want to say or double check that I don’t sound silly.  Then the worst thing happens, Jess goes to work leaving me alone to update the status on my Facebook wall.   So with all the confidence of a teenaged boy asking for his first date, I wrote my first solo ditty.  Just as soon as I hit the “share” button, sure enough I realized I spelled something wrong.  That’s just perfect.  Here I am trying to promote a book I just wrote and I can’t even get the spelling right on a Facebook post!  Feels a little bit like coming out of the ladies room with the back of your dress stuck in your underwear.  All you can do is yank it down and hope not too many people noticed.

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