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Tropical Depression

Suitcase, check.  Last look under the bed, check.   I stood by the airport aquarium and pretended to carry on a conversation with a beautiful blue dory fish until our little Stephie turned the corner at the security gate.  With one last wave she rounded the corner and was off on her first solo flight to […]

Sleeping Triple in a Single Bed

Before I met David I made a wish upon a falling star.  Please let me find a man that would adore me.  Sometimes I think I should have put a few qualifiers on that wish.  We are spending a few weeks in Florida at my in-laws condo. The first week, our niece Stephie, who just […]

Baby Fat Rebellion

As my baby fat careens towards its 29th birthday it has decided to stage a rebellion against the waistband of my pants.  Being a product of the Olivia Newton John “Grease” Era of painted on pants that came decades before we were to learn that camels had toes that were to be watched for in […]

Cellulite My Rear End

Standing in the dressing room at Marshall’s the other day I tried on the cutest little top.  Looking into the dressing room mirror I was horrified to see that the stark florescent lights illuminated a small patch of dimpled skin on both of my biceps.   Years ago, I decided to accept gracefully the cellulite that […]

Ice Cream Envy

Kae’s brain is best if not left unoccupied.  On our recent 9 hour trip to Chicago, I was relegated to the back seat so that my father-in-law could act as co-pilot.  This effectively thwarted any of David’s and my usual philosophical debates of life, liberty and the pursuits of happiness we always partake in on […]

My Little Gaugey-Face

Back in the 1980’s when I diligently hauled my on-again,  off-again pregnant self to accounting classes it never occurred to me that I was setting myself up to be abandoned by my family in the future.  Who would have thought that by the very choice of these seemingly innocent classes in the course catalog I […]

Can Kae Learn Spanish?

In May on 2013 David and I are going on the second of our “bucket list” trips to Machu Picchu.  I have made it my mission not to go to another Spanish-speaking country armed with the only two phrases of Spanish I know—which are how to order a beer and how to ask where the […]

Houston, We Have a Bouncer

Nine days in the peace and quiet of Easter Island had me completely spoiled.  David and I got up at 5am and caught our 5 hour flight back to Santiago, Chili.  We had a 7 hour layover before we boarded our flight for Miami.  A 7 hour layover may seem horrible to some people but […]

Unlikely Hero

Since we were going to be on Easter Island for 9 days we decided to rent a car so we could explore on our own.  The rental car agent met us at our bungalow with a cute little manual transmission GMC Jimmy, the standard rental on the island.  At home, we drive a Suburban so […]

David Chasing the Sunset

You would think by now I would realize that the utterance of the most innocent phrase by my husband, David, could create some of the biggest adventures.  But no, even after 27 years of marriage, it appears that even I can still be caught off guard by David’s dog-with-a-bone mentality when he get his mind […]