Can Kae Learn Spanish?

In May on 2013 David and I are going on the second of our “bucket list” trips to Machu Picchu.  I have made it my mission not to go to another Spanish-speaking country armed with the only two phrases of Spanish I know—which are how to order a beer and how to ask where the bathroom is.  When I told David of my latest hair brained idea, which is to learn Spanish, I was met with his metaphorical pat on the head, that’s a nice idea, dear response.  I guess my earlier attempt to earn Arabic was still fresh in the air.  But in my defense, Arabic was really, really hard.   In an effort to spur me on to greatness, he made me a bet. Laughingly we agreed that any language this southern girl could master, we would take extra trips that are not on the bucket list to the countries where they speak that language.   Whoo Hoo!!!   Spain here we come!!!!

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