I live with a zebra

If you happen to pass an 11-year-old girl who looks as if she’s starting her Halloween early, it will probably be my daughter. She’s the one wearing zebra. She is all about zebra print this year. For her birthday she requested a zebra print comforter for her bed. She has a zebra print swim suit, zebra print blouses, a zebra purse, hairbrush and she even decorated various items in her room with her zebra duct tape. Her birthday theme was, of course, zebra.

As most kids do, my daughter has gone through the typical phases where she was obsessed with all things pink, then all things princess, and then we moved on to everything needing to be purple. I’m very familiar with the color and theme obsessions that girls have, but I am particularly amazed at the laser-like focus Gracie has for detecting anything, however small, in any store that contains a zebra print. This girl can spot a zebra print keychain in Walmart from 20 yards away. She zeroed in on a pair of zebra flip-flops in Sam’s Club the second we walked through the door. The flip-flop display was in the middle of the store. How did this child develop such incredible zebra radar?

I’ve talked to Gracie about how animal print really is better as an accent and not an all-over theme from head to toe, but at 11 years old, she’s still of the mentally that more is better, especially when it comes to stripes.

We’re planning a trip to the zoo next week and I’m just a bit concerned that the zebras inside their enclosure may be wondering how one managed to escape.

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