My Foot Is Down

My sweet, wonderful, adorable husband, David, has always been notorious for adamantly slamming his foot into the ground on a subject only to become a malleable ball of mush when push comes to shove.

Who was it that made the big announcement that his children were NOT going to ingest sugar?  Who was it that was caught slipping Matt a cookie when I had put him in time out one day?  Yep, that would be mister foot slammer, David.

Who made the declaration that his kids were not going to watch TV?  Who was and is still famous for his popcorn cups with a candy surprise in the bottom introduced to our family on Sunday nights while we all watched the Simpsons?  Yep, once again that would be the “my foot is down” David.

When dogs where introduced into the Allen household, David was adamant that no dogs would ever be allowed on the furniture for any reason.  We are puppy sitting Jess’ dog, Gauge for a few weeks while Jess has some remodelling done at her house.  I came around the corner into the family room and this is what I saw.

David and Gauge

David and Gauge



Enough said.  Mr. “My foot is down” has struck again.

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