Shopping with “the girls”

Bra shopping. As a young woman, venturing out to buy bras was fun. The hardest part was deciding between the lacy, dainty ones and the silky ones that made you feel as if you were keeping a very mysterious and sexy secret underneath your t-shirt. Well, those days are long gone now. At my age, bra shopping becomes a practical outing as I attempt to remind “the girls” that pointing down at my belly button isn’t the look I am trying to achieve.

Yes, when a woman reaches a certain age, the breasts seem determined to acquaint themselves with the belly button. So those lacy, dainty bras that worked so well years ago can’t handle the job anymore. At my age I need the industrial-strength bras that yank the boobs back up to attention. Unfortunately, these bras are the type that you definitely want to remain a secret under your t-shirt.

Bra shopping when you have breasts that are losing the war on gravity not only reminds you that this venture has forever changed from being  fun to boring, but it also unleashes another horrifying fact: you are now buying underwear that your mother would approve of.

Luckily, in a few years I’ll be able to enjoy shopping for those lacy, dainty bras in beautiful colors instead of the typical hospital white and boring beige “breast hoists”  that make up my bra wardrobe now. When my daughter and I go out to shop for her first bra I will allow myself to be transported back to the age of choosing a bra because it looks pretty and not because it keeps my breasts out of my waistband.

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