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If you are the parent of two girls in their 20’s who are deeply entrenched in romantic relationships, who have been out of college for a couple of years, who are gainfully employed, who are owners of their own homes, who are, in other words, full grown adults out in the world wearing hats, when the caller ID on your cell phone lights up with their significant other’s name your heart skips a beat because this could be THE CALL.

Jess' engagement ring

It was late June when Kenny’s name popped up on David’s cell phone display.  In a flash, a little  blue-eyed baby girl zipped from one to twenty-six, dragging memories of chubby cheeks, morning snuggles, yellow wookies, daycare nightmares, gymnastic meets, early morning donut runs, lizard sitting, college dorms and Phoenix airport signs through our minds.  Christi and Kenny will be getting married in October 2013.

Keeping in true form for the Allen girls, in late August Chambliss’ name popped up on David’s cell phone display. Once again in the matter of a breath, our baby girl with huge brown eyes zipped from one to twenty-three, dragging memories of tickling tummies, infections giggles, snuggles with her favorite kankee, tiny defiant hands on hips leaving us to walk behind her to preschool, two broken arms, gymnastic meets, shoe shopping, softball games and painting college apartments through our minds.  Jess and Chambliss will be getting married in April 2013.

Christi's engagement ring

THE CALL creates a flurry of emotion for parents.  For David, the dream of an arranged marriage committee with him as the chairman rigorously vetting out potential candidates goes up in smoke.  In reality, David would walk on water for his little girls so if they said they wanted this one, he would make it happen.  They have picked the one they want and David is thrilled for them!  For me, the overprotective Mom gene rushes to the front of the line demanding attention.  The “what if’s” are endless and then I remind myself—I have spent over 20 years talking to these two little birds about boys and frankly have never pulled any punches.  My girls knew what “the look” was and that they should stay far, far away from any man that had it.  When the kids got old enough that “marriage” was being thrown around, it became a constant mantra in our house “You cannot promise to share your life with someone before you have a life.  There will be no discussion of marriage until you graduate from college and live out on your own for a year in an apartment with a cat.  Knowing all the conversations I have had with the girls, some casual, some not so much, I have full faith that if one of my girls says this is the man they want to spend the rest of their lives with—that is exactly what they mean and I’m thrilled for them!

Normal people find it chaotic and stressful to have one wedding in a year, but in what seems to be true Allen life fashion, we will be having TWO weddings next year.  I’m not actually surprised that we got THE CALL from both the girls at the same time.  These two girls have been joined at the hip since they were old enough to walk.  Sometimes hugging, sometimes biting, but still, joined together by a bond only sisters can share.

All I can say is “Watch Out 2013—The Allen Girls are Getting Married!”


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