The price of a baby tooth

Last night during dinner, tragedy struck. Gracie swallowed her loose tooth. She was inconsolable all through dinner because she had heard at school that the Tooth Fairy won’t visit if you don’t have a tooth to put under the pillow.

I assured her that the Tooth Fairy would certainly come and that she was well aware of how many loose teeth get swallowed or lost and never find their way under pillows.

Just to be on the safe side, we left a note for the tooth fairy. Gracie was able to sleep peacefully.

In the morning, tragedy struck again. Gracie came out of her room with huge tears streaming down her cheeks. The Tooth Fairy hadn’t come. Adult translation: I forgot to put on my Tooth Fairy wings and take care of business. Being well rehearsed in screwing up as a mother, I immediately put Plan B into action: I hid two dollars in my hand and told Gracie I’d help her make her bed with her. As I pulled back the covers I quickly slid the money between the mattress and the headboard.

Gracie found the money as she was placing her pillow back on the bed.

“I guess the money fell back there when I was sleeping,” she said with a huge smile.

“Well, you are a restless sleeper, honey,” I added with that all-knowing motherly tone.

With the tooth crisis over, I left the room to start preparing breakfast when I heard Gracie start to squeal.

“I didn’t realize she left me SIX DOLLARS!” she shrieked.

What? Six dollars? I walked in the room and saw Gracie holding a single and five dollar bill.

Note to self: next time put your glasses on before reaching in your wallet to grab two dollars.

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